Just discovered that my life partner has a telephone relationship with another person

Let’s say some one approached you one day and shared the following:

I am in a relationship with my childhood honey for over 19 drama-free years, I have recently found out that he leads a dual personal life. You would probably think that this particular knowledge would force me to run away from this marriage as fast as I possibly could, yet I have stayed. I must be insane!

How would you react? And imagine that the above confession came from you. What would YOU say to yourself? What would YOUR reaction be? And yes, the person who said this, is me!

Makes you wonder doesn’t it. If any woman had asked me for an opinion on this, I would have told her that perhaps the time was right for her to end her marriage, especially because her kids were adults now.I am not trying to say that my husband cheated on me in the real sense. Nevertheless he did call a phone line where women and men chat with one another about a selection of matters and the sole reason I know is really because our credit card company contacted me in order to check said deal as it was the first time our credit card was used with a cheap phone sex numbers company. After having a quick call with the company involved, I realized that it was certainly my husband who had made the call.

And this is the intriguing thing in my view: I am not excessively troubled because of my husband’s perceived unfaithfulness, as indeed I do not consider it absolutely was one. No, what perturbs me is the fact that I am bothered by it! Therefore, having found out a definite unusual behavior from the person I love and have lived my life with, and I am not really upset because of it. Which is definitely the interesting aspect. And if you believe that I am not bothered by this simply because I am not overly active in the intimacy department, think again. I definitely am. I would rather he had done this with me, but in the long run, it’s no big deal!

And this is what I have been struggling with lately! My husband is intimate with another woman, and I am distressed simply because I don’t think it’s such a big deal! Of course, you’re right… There is must be something wrong with me!

Would it trouble you?

Whether phonesex number is actually being unfaithful can be another discussion of course.